Ranger Oil leverages corporate governance practices that promote transparency, accountability and good decision making as a key tenet to our long-term success. Public confidence and our reputation are valuable assets. Therefore, an important goal is to conduct business and to interact with employees, independent contractors, lessees, suppliers, governmental entities, the public, and our communities in a responsible and ethical manner. Another goal is to provide employees and independent contractors with safe working conditions in an environment conducive to initiative, creativity, and job satisfaction. To promote these goals, our Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other important governance documents which are available on the Company’s website

To further enhance Ranger Oil’s and our Board of Directors’ oversight over corporate responsibility/sustainability matters, we have formed a managerial working group composed of cross-functional employees in the engineering, legal, investor relations and health, safety and environmental departments. This group is responsible for evaluating sustainability risks and opportunities, overseeing sustainability disclosures, promoting continuous improvement related to sustainability initiatives, and providing reports to the Chief Executive Officer and ultimately the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board.

2022 ESG Report